Seven reasons

To think harder about what you really believe
Monkey thinking

Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.
Job 37:14

The Bible is a big book. It makes big claims – spectacular claims. So spectacular that they don’t leave much middle ground. You either have to accept them, or reject them. They’re either spectacular lies, or spectacular truths. You have to choose.

But if those claims are true, they change everything. If there’s any chance they’re true, they’re worth looking into. If you haven’t given them a fair hearing, you should. Here’s seven to think about.


A Creator

Are we an example of God's technology?

The first verse of the Bible reads, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth". That's a big claim. If true, it's not one the human race can ignore. A Designer implies power and intelligence beyond anything we know. It may imply meaning, purpose, and direction for life. It suggests a plan. It supplies answers, and maybe help. We could use some.



Is there more to reality than we know?

A miraculous thread runs through the Bible – supernatural power, supernatural beings, supernatural events. Most importantly, the central truth of the Bible message stands or falls with the reality of such power. Did Jesus walk on water? Did he heal the sick? Did he rise from the dead? Is he really coming back? Do you want a more exciting life?



Has the future really been charted?

The Bible is full of prophecy. It describes not only a great transformation and a glorious future for the earth, but also a great destruction before it. It outlines the rise and fall of people, empires, and beliefs. It details the lead-up to the return of Jesus Christ. It gives hope. In short, there’s good news, and there’s bad news. Would it hurt to have some guidance?


Eternal life

The upgrade of all upgrades!

Eternal life is the central promise of the Bible. The promise involves a literal regeneration and transformation of the body at the return of Jesus Christ. It comes with an eternal inheritance and position in “the kingdom of God” – a transformation of the world order for good. This is the offer of all offers. The chance to go on. If true, it’d be a pity to miss it.


The Spirit of God

And speaking in tongues

The Bible connects the promise of eternal life with receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit – the water of life. The story of this gift is recorded throughout the book of Acts. It is accompanied by supernaturally speaking in new tongues, or languages. It is described as a real and miraculous experience. It is offered to everyone. This is a claim that you can test.



Is justice what we really want?

The Bible claims there is a final judgment, and ultimate justice. All rights and wrongs are rewarded and resolved. A comforting thought. But a sobering thought. Do we cry for justice? For true and objective judgment? Of course. But do we really know what that is? If there is a Creator, will his standards be ours? Will justice cut both ways? Are we ready for this?


The Son of God

God's interface to mankind

The Bible says that God has made himself visible and comprehensible through the miracle of Jesus Christ. He is the “Word of God made flesh”. This would make Jesus Christ the interface between God and mankind – the nature, character, power, and instruction of the Creator in a form we can understand. To understand God, and his thinking, take a look at Jesus Christ.

Aren’t these things important enough to think about? To spend some time on? What if there really is a Creator, a Designer, behind our life and universe? Do you really believe the intricate machinery of life at every level just developed from random rearrangements of non-living molecules? Isn’t that just a little convenient? Aren’t the building blocks themselves, and what can be done with them, just a little convenient?

And if there is a Creator, who is he? What does he want? What does it mean for us? Where are we supposed to find the answers on this? Are we even meant to find the answers on this?

The Bible lays the only credible claim to being the answer. There is no book like it. It is qualitatively unique. Nothing else comes close for its explanation of the origins, history, and outlining of the future of the world and its people. Nothing else comes close for giving a reason. It reveals a plan and purpose for the universe and its life. It offers insight, power, and evidence for those prepared to consider it. It warns and guides concerning things to come. It gives hope, and promises life. It opens a door where otherwise would only be a blank wall.

And at its core, it revolves around a being who is himself claimed to be the Creator in human form, come to the earth, connecting with and instructing his creation – Jesus Christ. One who offers a gift and infusion of his own eternal Spirit to all who want a world like the world he has planned.

Isn’t that worth thinking about, in the time you have left?


Mark Wattchow

Mark Wattchow is the pastor of the Christchurch Revival Fellowship in New Zealand. The thoughts and understandings expressed here are solely his own.

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