Rose H

The Bible had the answers

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.
Acts 2:4

Brought up in the Catholic Church, I drifted away about age 19. I saw no evidence of God in people’s lives and was not sure if there was a God or not.
At the time I was very unhappy and confused and felt very lost. I desperately wanted answers.

In October 1988 while working in a cafe I heard about a God who was still doing miracles and healing the same as in the Bible from a sister who came to work there.

I came to a meeting and heard for the first time a talk straight from the scriptures. I was very convicted but had a few questions. Someone gave me a pamphlet titled “Here are the Answers from your own Bible”. I went home very excited and looked up all the scriptures and that first night knew that the Bible was all true.

I was baptised about four weeks later and received the Holy Spirit. I was overjoyed, and knew without a doubt that there was a God. He has healed me body, mind and soul. I’ve had many other miracles of healing and provision, including seeing my son delivered from drugs, alcohol, and addiction to cigarette smoking and pain killers.

It is a comfort to know the Lord is always there and I can’t wait until he returns!

Rose H


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