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Faith is not a magic word

Why belief is necessary and how it works

Faith is not a magical “positive thinking” with a power of its own. Faith or belief in God and his Word works much the same as belief in anything else. When we are convinced of something that is true, and we act upon it, we get the expected result. If we believe and act upon something that is false, we are disappointed.

God gives us instruction and promises. If we believe he exists and they are true, we are motivated to act and live in accordance with them. If we do, we get the expected results, because God does exist and his Word is true. If we don't, we will ultimately always be disappointed.

If we understand this, it is easy to see why belief in God and his Word is necessary, and how it motivates, drives, and stands behind the whole salvation process – repentance, baptism in water, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and a faithful life in the Lord.

Mark Wattchow

Apr 5, 2020
48 min

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