Testimonies of salvation

Testimonies of salvation

True stories from people in our New Zealand assemblies

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.
Acts 2:4

I believed the Bible was a book of fairy tales

It was in 1983 that I first heard the gospel faithfully preached. I didn’t believe in God and had no interest in the Bible, believing it to be a book of fairy tales. I was very happy with my life and I didn’t need a thing! Friends told me that their lives had been changed by God and that he could prove himself to me. Although sceptical at first, the more I heard about miracles, healings and the power of God, the more it intrigued me.

I decided to put God to the test and went along to a meeting in the local Revival Fellowship where I heard about God’s plan of salvation. I was baptised by immersion and a few days later I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in tongues (a brand new language given to me from God).

At that instant my life changed completely because I knew that God was real and I understood that Jesus had died for me personally to give me a new way of life.

As I went along I could see God at work in people’s lives, blessing, healing and providing for them. What amazed me was that as we started living as Christians – taking our direction from the Bible – the same things started happening in our family.

Alan B
Bay of Plenty

The Lord changed me completely

I can really praise the Lord for choosing me and changing my life. I used to drink a lot for confidence and had no real interest in God, but in 1984 due to a great change in the lives of some of our friends I went along to a meeting to hear more about the Bible. I was baptised and a few weeks later I received the Holy Spirit with the biblical evidence of speaking in tongues. The Lord changed me completely. He took away my desire for alcohol, and has blessed my whole life.

Mal B
Bay of Plenty

I just wanted to know whether it was true

As a child I went along to Sunday School, and then as a teenager I started to look around at different churches. I couldn’t understand why they all believed different things if they all said they were following God and so I became very confused about what I believed. Some days I didn’t even think there was a God. I became quite a hypocrite, going to church when it suited me and doing what I wanted the rest of the time. However I didn’t enjoy being like this and one day I got down on my knees and asked God to lead me to the right church when I moved to Christchurch. Then I forgot about the prayer.

A short time later I met someone who talked to me about the Holy Spirit, and though I thought it was a bit strange I was amazed that he was so confident about what he believed. I knew that I had nothing to lose so I decided to go along to a meeting to hear more. There I heard a talk which was based totally around the Bible. After talking about water baptism I decided that I had to give it a go. They told me that I would receive the Holy Spirit like they did in the Bible and that I would speak in tongues. I wanted to know whether God was real so I decided to put my trust in God—if there was one—and see what happened. I didn’t want to try and make anything up; I just wanted to know whether it was true. The next thing I remember is that I was sitting there speaking fluently in another language. I couldn’t believe that such an amazing thing had happened.

My life then turned around dramatically. I no longer wanted to drink alcohol and I had a joy and peace that I had never experienced before, and this is still with me 24 years later. When I prayed at home in this new language I felt as if I was getting through to God. All my prayers were being answered. Whenever I had a problem I knew that I could pray about it and that the Lord would sort it out. I was amazed that God could be so real when the stories in the Bible had always seemed like fairy tales. Now I see miracles such as those that happen in the life of my own family and friends.

Julie W

I lost interest in the lifestyle I was living

I was brought up in a Catholic-believing family. I was sent to a Catholic school, trained as an altar boy. As I grew older I lost interest in going to church. I started surfing at the age of thirteen, got mixed up with the wrong group of people, indulged in drugs and alcohol. But I also lost interest in the lifestyle I was living.

One day I got down on my knees and asked God if he could send me to a church that was faithful to his Word and I could be part of a family. Within two weeks of that prayer, I started a new job. I had a work colleague who was a christian from the Revival Fellowship, so I asked him what he believed. He told me I needed to repent, get baptised by full immersion, and ask God to give me the Holy Spirit, so I went to a meeting he invited me to. I got baptised that same meeting, and several days later I spoke in tongues when praying at home.

That was 28 years ago and I am still rejoicing that I have an eternal hope.

Herman A
New Plymouth

I was impressed

I grew up going to a traditional church. My experience of God consisted of attendance, ceremony and a vague hope.

I heard the full gospel from a guy at work. Six months later my life was unravelling badly. When I went to a Revival meeting, I was impressed that the people had real peace, joy, and purpose in their lives. I was challenged by the scriptures which directed me towards baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit. I had nothing to lose so I got baptised.

A few weeks later I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in an unknown tongue. This born-again experience was a powerful thing and immediately I had an inner strength and peace which I had lacked.

Since then I’ve experienced God’s goodness and love in every aspect of my life. I’ve seen miracles of healing and many answers to prayer. I now have a hope based on my experience of the true God of the Bible.

Phil M

I was brought up Catholic but . . .

I was brought up Catholic so I always believed there was a “God” but that’s as far as it went. I was christened and confirmed in the Catholic system but it wasn’t until I was around 14 years old that I questioned whether God existed or not.

I was spoken to by Holly (now my wife) a year later and she told me about receiving the Holy Spirit. For some reason, I was not shocked about speaking in tongues but it actually sounded familiar.

I went along to a meeting where I heard the “spiritual gifts” for the first time ever. This impressed me along with the testimonies of God’s power I heard at the meeting. A few weeks later I was baptised at Raumati Beach and two days later, I received the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues as they did on the day of Pentecost.

The Lord has blessed me ever since. I have seen healings, provisions, and blessings in my family and my brothers and sisters. I’m so happy to be following the Lord and I am grateful that he’s giving my family and me this amazing life.

Praise the Lord.

Mike D
Bay of Plenty

I spoke in tongues and knew I had received God’s Spirit

I had no interest in God and by the age of 15 had decided I was quite happy with the idea that once you are dead that’s it, there is no more to the story. At this time my sister and I travelled to the UK to spend three weeks with our dad who had lived overseas since I was a child. He was a spirit-filled Christian and my sister and I were dreading the “Bible bashing” we were going to get. Instead we heard amazing stories of people being healed miraculously, and we read in the Bible that the Lord was returning for those who had followed his word. The real miracle was that both my sister and I were completely convicted and left the UK knowing that we needed to repent, be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit before the Lord’s return.

Our whole family started attending the Revival Fellowship and after a lot of seeking in prayer I spoke in tongues and knew this was evidence I had received God’s Spirit. 19 years later and not only do I know I have salvation but the Lord has looked after me and my family and blessed our lives abundantly.

Holly D
Bay of Plenty

Myself and four of my friends all spoke in tongues

I was lucky enough to be brought up “in the Lord” as my parents were already coming along when I was born. My walk in the Lord didn’t truly start, I think, until I was about eight years old. That was when I really believed for myself that I needed the Holy Spirit, and I began to pray seriously. In 2008, at a Christchurch convention, myself and four of my friends all spoke in tongues for the first time, in the same room during a prayer meeting. The following Sunday, I was baptised by immersion as the Bible teaches. The Lord has protected me from many injuries, sicknesses and dangerous situations in my life. I can certainly praise the Lord and I hope I am there when he returns.

Cole D
Bay of Plenty

The Lord took away the addictions I had in my life

My life was completely transformed almost 20 years ago after I was born again in Australia while travelling around aimlessly. I met a couple who told me that God could prove his existence to me by giving me his Holy Spirit with the outward sign of speaking in tongues, a new language given from God. I was astounded and though I argued with them for a few weeks, I became more convinced they were on to something and that it was really special.

I decided to put it to the test because I had nothing to lose. I was baptised by immersion, following the example Jesus gave to us. A few nights later I received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. It was a life-changing moment where I instantly knew God was real and now living within me. I felt like a totally changed person.

From that moment I lost the desire to do all the ungodly things I was doing in my life and started a new way of living. The Lord took away the addictions I had in my life such as drinking, smoking, drugs and all sorts of other dodgy things I was involved in. That was a long time ago, and life has only continued to be more blessed with God in it. By using the Holy Spirit every day I am guided by the Lord in the wisest, healthiest, happiest way to lead life and I’m loving every moment of it! I am now part of this worldwide family of God. It’s also wonderful having God’s blessing and help in my marriage and the raising of my son.

Angel L
Bay of Plenty

One day I asked God the question

As a kid growing up I remember wondering where we come from and what would happen after we die. I was not raised with any specific religion but I thought it normal to think that if God was real I would want to be with him. As a teenager growing up in Holland I lived my life like many other teenagers in the western world; I started to think for myself, was asking my own questions. As I saw more of how this world works I grew more and more disillusioned. I could not understand how people seemed to blindly follow the path of education-career-family and finally death with no certain purpose, and how people often treated each other so very poorly.

One day I asked God the question “If you are there, I want to know what you want from me”. Very shortly afterwards I met an ex-boyfriend of my sister who showed me clearly that the God of the Bible would give me his Spirit if I wanted to know him. We prayed for this and minutes later I spoke in a new language I could not understand, just as the Bible said would happen! I knew then that God was real, powerful and good and truly amazing and miraculous things have happened since that day.

Dan L
Bay of Plenty

I couldn’t deny that something had changed him

I was brought up in the Open Brethren church, so I always believed in God and “accepted Jesus into my heart” when I was about 3-years-old. I never felt right with God though and worried that I wasn’t saved, so I asked Jesus into my heart many times as a child.

As a teenager I was happy living what I thought was a Christian life. When I was 21, a friend I had grown up with in the Brethren church (who had left in his teens to go partying and drinking) contacted me to tell me he had received the Holy Spirit, with the biblical evidence of speaking in tongues.
He told me that I wasn’t saved because I didn’t have the Holy Spirit, which made me really angry. But over several months I could see a huge change in him. He had this joy and peace that he’d never had before, and he changed from a sullen, argumentative person into this really happy, lovely guy.
I didn’t like what he was saying (that I wasn’t saved), but I couldn’t deny that something had changed him when he spoke in tongues.

After about six months I was feeling really like I needed to know the truth about the Holy Spirit, even if it meant I had to change my life. So I prayed to God one night, “If I need this Holy Spirit, and need to speak in tongues, please ‘zap’ me! And if these people are wrong, please show me in the Bible, so I can tell them and carry on with my life.”

To my surprise, two nights later, after praying and looking up some Bible verses about the Holy Spirit, I biked home, sat on my front doorstep, and started speaking in tongues!

It was amazing, very exciting, as I realised that I was thinking in my head in English but speaking in this other language fluently. This was God. This was a miracle.

Immediately I went from believing (most of the time) that God existed, to knowing he was real through the evidence of the miracle of speaking in tongues. For the first time I knew I was saved with no doubts. I also got water baptised as the Bible commands, and have not lost this peace and assurance of my salvation over the past 20 years.

Life as a spirit-filled Christian has been exciting – having the Lord’s joy and peace, being able to pray about everything, and see miracles of healing and provision in the life of my husband, myself, and our children.

I am so grateful that my friend came and told me about receiving the Holy Spirit and how I could get saved as God has outlined in the Bible. My life was totally changed.

Joanna G

A broken heart healed

I was brought up in a Catholic family and I always believed there was a God, but he was slightly untouchable – out of reach. After my marriage ended, I was lost, but clung to God as I knew him. I was spoken to by a member of the Revival Fellowship who told me of repentance, baptism by immersion, and receiving the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I recognised that I wanted to have a closer relationship with God, and so I did as it is written in the Bible in Acts 2:38.

I received the Holy Spirit early one morning on February 14th. I was no longer alone. I had the Lord dwelling within me and the healing of my broken heart began. That was nearly 20 years ago. My walk in the Lord has been filled with blessings, provisions, healings and protection. I can call on the Lord at any time, and I can speak to him in tongues, knowing he knows my every need. It’s the best life ever!

Mary A
New Plymouth

An accident made me realise I needed to be right with God

I was brought up in a Baptist church and decided I was getting nothing out of the church and stopped going. I started working with racehorses when I was 15-years-old and started smoking, drinking, and going to parties.

I had an accident – a horse flipped over on me. I had no recollection of this but it made me realise I could die at any time, and I knew I needed to be right with God.

I started reading my Bible again, and I was spoken to by a person in the Revival Fellowship who said I needed to be baptised, and to receive the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I was living in a caravan at the time, and decided to put the Lord to the test and ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the Lord gave it to me. I spoke in tongues straight away. The next night I was baptised by immersion. This was in 1998.

The Lord has always watched over me.

Sue H
New Plymouth

The Bible had the answers

Brought up in the Catholic Church, I drifted away about age 19. I saw no evidence of God in people’s lives and was not sure if there was a God or not.
At the time I was very unhappy and confused and felt very lost. I desperately wanted answers.

In October 1988 while working in a cafe I heard about a God who was still doing miracles and healing the same as in the Bible from a sister who came to work there.

I came to a meeting and heard for the first time a talk straight from the scriptures. I was very convicted but had a few questions. Someone gave me a pamphlet titled “Here are the Answers from your own Bible”. I went home very excited and looked up all the scriptures and that first night knew that the Bible was all true.

I was baptised about four weeks later and received the Holy Spirit. I was overjoyed, and knew without a doubt that there was a God. He has healed me body, mind and soul. I’ve had many other miracles of healing and provision, including seeing my son delivered from drugs, alcohol, and addiction to cigarette smoking and pain killers.

It is a comfort to know the Lord is always there and I can’t wait until he returns!

Rose H

I finally built up the courage

I grew up in the Revival Fellowship, hearing the simple gospel message my whole life. I knew the importance of receiving the Holy Spirit and getting baptised.

In 2011, my family and I travelled down to Christchurch for a church convention. Over the weekend there were several opportunities in “seekers” meetings to pray for the Holy Spirit with others, but I was very shy and I didn’t want to go. On the Sunday night it was our last opportunity to go to a seekers meeting, so I finally built up the courage and went. That night was the first night I had prayed fervently. Quite late in the night, I and three other children received the Holy Spirit. I was later baptised by immersion in the sea.

Sarai S
New Plymouth

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