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Easter Camp 2024

South Island New Zealand


Our South Island Easter Camp is being held at Glentui Lodge, 140 Glentui Bush Road, Glentui. The site is just under an hour, or 67 km, away from the Christchurch airport, northwest. It is set on a hillside surrounded by forest and with a river in the valley below.

The camp will run over four nights from Thursday 28th March to Sunday 31st March. We leave camp on the Monday morning, 1st April, before 10am. Camp is open after 2pm on the Thursday.

The camp is not catered. You will need to provide and cook your own food. There is a good commercial kitchen available for our use.

There will be morning and evening meetings at 10am and 7pm, Friday to Sunday.

More information about the site is available on the Glentui Lodge website:


There are six four-bed rooms, and twelve eight-bed rooms. There are also two larger rooms which may be used as male and female dorms.

What to bring

Food. Please note that Friday morning the shops will be closed. You will need to bring all your food to camp (unless you have a car). Bedding, linen, and pillows. You can hire a package of sheets, pillow and case, duvet, blanket, and towel for $25 per person from the camp. Crockery, cutlery, and cooking utensils are provided. Basic tea and coffee will be provided.

Camp fees

There is a flat fee of $120 per adult and $60 per child for those staying at camp. This covers the whole camp, or part thereof. (The more nights you stay at camp, the better value you get!) Day visits are $5 per person, per day.

Lifts to and from camp

Camp is an hour from Christchurch, so a two-hour round trip. Most folk from Christchurch will be going to camp on the Thursday. Your best chance of getting a lift to the camp will be Thursday afternoon, or possibly Thursday evening. Your best chance of getting a lift back will be Monday morning. Otherwise, you may need to catch a shuttle:
or at least a Metro bus to Rangiora (or from Rangiora, when leaving).
You must indicate on the form if you would like a lift.

Nearby townships

The nearest township is Oxford, about 14 minutes away, with a small supermarket and some takeaways and coffee shops. Rangiora, a large country town, is 26 minutes away.


Some billeting either side of camp may be available. Please indicate on the form if you need it.

Booking deadline

Sunday 17th March. Accommodation is limited, so once the rooms are gone, they’re gone. Please get your forms in early.



28 March 2024

End date

1 April 2024


2:00 pm


140 Glentui Bush Road, Glentui


Pr Mark Wattchow 0211545205

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